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The megaformer workout is the most challenging and efficient full-body workout I have ever done.  In only 50 minutes, it targets my entire body and challenges every single muscle group while constantly working my core.  As a result, I am stronger, leaner and more defined, with much better posture.

Robin is a wonderful instructor who customizes every workout for me and my exact needs, and her constantly changing routines make sure I'm never bored.  You couldn't find a better instructor or more comfortable space.

If you've been looking for a challenging workout that makes you feel energized without being hard on our body, then look no further than Personalized Lagree Training with Robin!


I have been training privately with Robin for about 2 years now and it just keeps getting better!  Each session is taurght with the perfect balance of challenge and doable, just outside my comfort zone!  I have a bad back, so I was super nervous at first, but I can honestly say it has strengthened my core so much that my back feels more protected than ever.  I lvoe that I thoroughly enjoy my 50 minutes with Robin not just for my physical health but my mental health as well.  I even got my husband into it!  He is more addicted than me!  We are both stronger than ever!


Meeting Robin was a real stroke of luck.  We'd long wanted to explore yoga and had tried a few times before without success.  On a friend's recommendation, we took a personal lesson from Robin - and we were hooked.  Robin is an exceptional teacher -- she has that rare blend of expertise and an ability to impart that knowledge to her pupil, whether a novice or a current practitioner.  Robin taught us how to practice yoga correctly.  She breaks down the poses in detail, ensures that your alignment is perfect, and works on your breathing with you.  She also taught us about the philosophy that underpins the practice of yoga.  Working with Robin was a holistic experience, and we gained a friend along the way.  We strongly urge you to try a class with Robin - she is phenomenal to work with, and you will master your poses and see a marked improvement in your abilities, while enjoying a fulfilling and challenging yoga practice.  We continued practicing with Robin for several years and sadly had to stop when we moved away from Baltimore.  We miss our sessions with Robin tremendously, but thanks to her skilled guidance, we can continue our yoga practice!  

Neena and Oli

Robin is an amazing yoga teacher, encouraging, knowledgeable, with fun sequences whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. She introduced me to yoga many years ago, including yoga-barre and prenatal yoga, and I take her yoga classes as often as possible. Her passion and love for yoga inspired me to become a yoga teacher and I cannot thank her enough for her guidance. Yoga has changed my life!


I first met Robin years ago when she was teaching pre-natal yoga. I found her class to be the highlight of my week as she was warm, positive, knowledgeable, and helped me prepare for giving birth. 

Fast forward a couple years later and to my delight I found her again teaching yoga, barre, and MEGAfit! 

All her classes not only helped me before I had my baby, but tremendously post-partum to get strong again. Robins classes are the perfect balance of calm peaceful energy, yet I always leave feeling refreshed and like I got a great workout.
The yoga poses she chooses are exactly what someone needs to recover from childbirth, gain strength, and gain an appreciation and love for yoga 
You won’t find another teacher who is more knowledgeable about the body and how to use it to live your best life.


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